Lost In Life?


Too Late To Start Following Your Dream? | Funders and Founders Notes



One thought on “Lost In Life?”

  1. It’s interesting to me what J.K. Rowling said about becoming a writer. She said that the wore a mask everywhere she went, and that just one day she decided to take it off. That she could no longer pretend the world wouldn’t allow her dream, and so she did what she needed to get there.

    Though I should digress, authors tend not to find success until the middle of their life. It takes a lot of experience to write well, and to write believably. I wish I could remember where the graphic was, but it outlined the median age people became successful based on profession. Actors and ‘face-types’ were all in their 20’s, business people and artists/musicians a little later. Writers stood out, their’s was in the late 30’s. Only other group like that is politicians.

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